About FIERCE -

At FIERCE we want to provide you with the ultimate experience. From our luxury packaging to our extensive range of original and inspired sunglasses and blue light glasses frames, we ensure you’ll #FEELFIERCE.


Our Story -

CEO/Founder - Alfie Hughes:

In 2019 I struggled a battle with my mental health. I sometimes struggled to even get myself out of bed or do anything. I was afraid my life had no purpose and wondered wether that feeling would ever leave me. After a long three years (and a failed overdose attempt) I was finally on the mend and my life began to slowly change as I realised I do in fact matter and my life does have a purpose.

I started my business with the mindset that I wanted to inspire young people like me that no matter the situation, things will get better and you can achieve all of your dreams with time and strength and that if I could do it, anyone could. I’ve always been a lover of sunglasses and often even wear them there’s no sun to be seen, so I decided I’d start my own company.

Launching in March 2020, FIERCE has been my main passion for a few years. I created the website, sourced the products, designed everything and ran the whole thing myself.  

I really wanted to create a product that would make someone’s day and be something to talk about when they opened it.

I strongly believe I have achieved that.



Q: Do your sunglasses have UV protection?

A: Yes all of our sunglasses are UV-400 protected.

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: We aim to get your order packaged and sent within a day. Shipping takes 2-5 days depending on which service you choose.

Q: Can I request a design?

A: Of course! We love hearing from our customers and always take new ideas and suggestions on board. Please contact us by email or reach out on Instagram! @fiercesunglass

Q: Can I have a collab?

A: We usually don't accept unsolicited paid collaborations and reach out to influencers ourselves, however if you fit our requirements and send us a message on Instagram we may be open to gifted collabs.